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“My body needs laughter as much as it needs tears. Both are cleansers of stress.”
~Mahogany SilverRain


Harmonic Egg®️ – Ancient Energy Medicine with Cutting Edge Technology

The Harmonic Egg is an innovative and revolutionary creation that combines ancient energy medicine with cutting-edge technology. It integrates the soothing frequencies of sound, colour and light. The combination of those frequencies together with the sacred geometry of The Harmonic Egg creates a unique environment for the body and it’s cells to de-stress and relax. Under these conditions, the body and mind have an exceptional opportunity to repair and mend.

What is the Harmonic Egg?

The Harmonic Egg is a patented chamber created by Gail Lynn, made of natural material of wood. It is designed to create an environment for deep relaxation and internal balance. A person sits in a zero-gravity reclining chair within the egg-shaped chamber and listens to specially composed highly resonant music while being immersed in coloured light. The combination of sacred geometry, light, colour and sound frequencies support the body’s own energy. Both music and light are carefully selected for each client to achieve optimum results.

As energy vibrations build within the Harmonic Egg chamber, it calms the autonomic nervous system so it brings the feeling of deep relaxation and calmness. By amplifying energy resonance within the chamber, the client receives an energy treatment that is consistent, precisely controlled and repeatable.

The whole Harmonic Egg experience takes 50 minutes – 40 minutes of listening to the carefully chosen music and 10 min of silence for integration. It is generally recommended to wait 5 to 7 days before booking another session so the body has sufficient time to re-balance.

Harmonic Egg Distance Sessions

Distance healing has been available for quite awhile. There is a lot of evidence that supports the fact that they not only work well, but seem to be the answer for many, who would not otherwise have a chance to experience the Harmonic Egg. The Harmonic Egg benefits may appeal to the elderly and bed-bound people, clients who live in areas where the Harmonic Egg is not available (yet), children who might have a difficulty sitting for longer periods of time and even animals – large and small – can benefit from the “distant session”.

All I need to have is a current photo, name (as it is stated on your birth certificate) and date of birth or even better…your creation. We can then set the intention and the Egg can do the rest – gently, non-invasively, and with love.

Benefits of Harmonic Egg Therapy                                   

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Harmonic Egg Sessions "Miraculous"

Highly Recommended Products Available for Purchase at Our Studio

When you visit our studio for your Harmonic Egg®️ session, you will have the opportunity to listen to a variety of healing sound tracks. These are some of the sounds used in the Harmonic Egg® therapy sessions and these highly recommended and beneficial sound tracks can be purchased in our studio as MP3 files on a portable USB stick.

Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing

Ancient Secrets To Healing

Purity Tracks

Purity Tracks USB
Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals

Electrolyte Supplement

Multi-Flavour Electrolyte Powder

Silver Hydrosol Argentyn Spray

Silver Hydrosol Argentyn Spray

Wellness Tracks

Wellness Tracks USB

Frequency of Love Tracks

Frequency of Love Tracks USB

15 Pack Fresh Citrus Electrolytes

15 Pack Fresh Citrus Electrolytes

Silver Hydrosol Argentyn Dropper

Silver Hydrosol Argentyn DROPPER

Soul Concerto

Soul Concerto Tracks

Mantras with Song Notes and Music

Mantras with Song Notes and Music

15 Pack Fresh Watermelon Electrolytes

15 Pack Fresh Watermelon Electrolytes

Silver Hydrosol Argentyn Refill

Silver Hydrosol Argentyn REFILL

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